B2B Meetings 2020


Seatec | Compotec is the only B2B event in Italy and in Med-Europe dedicated to the yachting subcontracting sectors of technologies and design, ships and composite materials in various and diversified industrial applications.

The 2020 edition confirms for the exhibitors of the two events an indispensable PLUS with the possibility of participating in sessions of B2B one-on-one meetings reserved for them with highly qualified foreign buyers, organized through a calendar planned before the event. The B2B Workshop aims to increasingly characterize events as business events that can concretely increase the effectiveness of the presence at the fair by encouraging the establishment of real contacts between selected demand and supply operators based on optimal targeting criteria.

International operators will be selected by IMM_CarraraFiere in collaboration with Italian Trade Agency. Following on from what has already been achieved in the past few years, the synergy between IMM CarraraFiere and the body responsible for promoting abroad and the internationalization of Italian companies is renewed, with support for the SEATEC and COMPOTEC events through the organization of an incoming of about 100 players from foreign markets who, at present, have interesting prospects in terms of potential demand for Made in Italy technology.

Through the work and expertise of the ITA Offices of the foreign network, a delegation will be formed consisting of important company figures such as purchasing department managers and technical offices of construction sites, as well as agents, importers and distributors, in order to provide a substantial contribution to the growth of two exhibitions that, year after year, are increasingly affirming the chess board of international technical events.

Countries of origin of Seatec buyers: Great Britain, France, Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Spain, Croatia, Slovenia, Poland, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Turkey, Hungary, Russia, Ukraine, USA.

Countries of origin of the Compotec buyers: Germany, United Kingdom, France, Spain, Turkey, Hungary, Poland, Sweden, Russia, Balkan area countries.    

The Seatec B2B Workshop | Compotec 2020 will be organized and conducted through a dedicated online platform. Exhibiting companies and foreign buyers selected for the occasion will be carefully profiled in the months preceding the event. Both will be able, through advanced systems in the cloud and restricted areas, to define their own preferences for meetings. An innovative computerized matching system will generate ‘perfect matching’ to maximize the quality of business appointments.

For more information: Uff. Communication & Marketing Seatec | Compotec marketing@carrarafiere.it  

Foreign trade delegation referent: Carolina Meanti c.meanti@carrarafiere.it Tel. 0585 1812409