B2B Meetings

Compotec 2018 + LikeEvent by Uplink: an opportunity not to be missed reserved to our Exhibitors!

For its 2018 edition, Compotec expands its offer with an intensive workshop of business-to-business meetings reserved to Exhibitors and completely free , organised with  customised agendas  planned before the event.  The initiative aims to qualify more and more the trade show as a business event that is truly able to increase the effectiveness of the attendance at the show by helping create contacts between operators of supply and demand, selected according to targeted match-making.

Finding distributors, contacting new agents, presenting products to international buyers: these are all key actions to develop business opportunities abroad that require careful strategic planning. That is why the B2B workshop will be organised and conducted by LIKEEVENT (www.likeevent.it) , a professional system that Uplink Web Agency has deviced for the success of important B2B  events promoted by Regione Toscana, such as Buy Tuscany and Buy Wine.
The companies exhibiting at Compotec 2018, as well as the foreign buyers selected for the occasion. will be thoroughly profiled in the months preceding the event. Both sellers and buyers will enter evolved  online Cloud systems and restricted areas, to define their own preferences over the meetings. An innovative matching system devised by the Uplink Web Agency will generate the perfect matching Seller-Buyer. During the days of  the event, meetings will be monitored by LIKEEVENT staff and by a special Mobile App, which will  maximise the quality of business meetings in real time.

Compotec 2018 + LikeEvent by Uplink: a concrete and highly professional tool for our Exhibitors.