Compotec-Seatec offers all Exhibitors the opportunity to compare their rate of innovation, the value of their own intuition and the investment in research through the QUALITEC awards – TECHNOLOGY and DESIGN. Qualitec aims to reward the companies that provide a substantial contribution to development and innovation in the industry, introducing new products and/or services with special technological or functional features; similarly, Qualitec is intended to reward the exhibitors that introduce innovative design elements which contribute to the quality of life on board.


Exhibitors who wish to gain extra visibility may send to our press office the information concerning new products or services they will show at Compotec.
We will publish the information provided directly on our websites, Exhibitors News section, and spread the news through our Press Office and social networks.
Communications Dept. contact: Silvana Cannoni s.cannoni@carrarafiere.it

GREENTECis a green path through which Exhibitors can put in evidence their environmentally friendly products.
GREENTEC will allow to immediately spot those products which better respond to eco- sustainability criteria such as biodegradability, more than 80% sustainability, recycling features, reduction of dangerous substances for human health and environment, packaging recycling etc. Special attention is dedicated to production phases in terms of low energetic consumption, use of green energy, low emissions, reduced use of water.
Communications Dept. contact: Silvana Cannoni s.cannoni@carrarafiere.it