Green News 2017

GREENTEC is a green path through which Exhibitors can put in evidence their  environmentally friendly products.

GREENTEC will allow to immediately spot those products which better respond to eco- sustainability criteria such as biodegradability, more than 80% sustainability, recycling features, reduction of dangerous substances for human health and environment, packaging recycling etc. Special attention is dedicated to production phases in terms of low energetic consumption, use of green energy, low emissions, reduced use of water.

The GreenTec Exhibitors will be indentified through a “green leaf” affixed on the fascia board and highlighted on the floor plans and on the official catalogue; an additional opportunity to promote products and services of the participating companies.

Moreover, through the green news published on the website and disseminated through our social networks, exhibitors can contribute to communicate the contents of the Fair and take advantage of some extra visibility. 

Exhibitors can indicate their green products and send us their green news through the relevant form which can be downloaded in the exhibitors’ reserved area.

Read the Green News of the Exhibitors!