The event, scheduled in Carrara from 3 to 5 April, takes place at the same time as the 17th edition of Seatec, "International exhibition of technology, subcontracting and design for boats, yachts and ships"

Carrara, 22nd March 2019

At the 11th edition of Compotec “Hi-tech Composites Solutions“, conceived and organised by IMM CarraraFiere, the only event in Italy dedicated to the composite materials industry and their multiple applications, new companies take part, protagonists of the composite materials sector.

Toyobo Italia, representative of the parent company Toyobo Co.Ltd, a Japanese chemical company founded as a textile company in 1882, a leader in the creation of innovative fibers and materials for highly specific applications and techniques in the textile sector. Over the years, the Company has produced films, functional resins, adhesives and coating materials, functional filters, membranes and modules, medical equipment, pharmaceutical products, bioproducts, cosmetic ingredients, pillow materials, industrial fibers and civil materials, fabrics and high performance fibers. Among these, Breathair stands out, an incredible material that makes it possible to replace materials such as polyurethane as padding in the production of seatsfor cars, trains and subways as well as mattresses for hospitals, nursing homes, and even mattresses for private use.

The Tokyo subway and the famous Japanese fast train Shinkansen, used Breathair as seatpadding, replacing the conventional PU. Result: a washable, thermoformable seat, workable like polyurethane, but destined to last over time, maintaining its color, shape and mechanical characteristics unaltered.

Euroresins Italia, a subsidiary of the distributor of composite materials Euroresins (Cathay Investments Limited), is the exclusive distributor of Lantor Composites products in Italy, in particular as regards the Coremat, Soric and Finishmat brands.

Lantor Composites produces a range of non-fabrics for impregnation (mat) intended for the composite materials industry, used in the nautical and shipbuilding industries, transport, construction and wind generators. The reinforcement fabrics are intended for technologies with closed, open or continuous rolling molds.

Emanuele Mascherpa S.p.A. is a commercial company, founded in 1904, which exclusively distributes machines, tools, components, equipment, special lubricants, adhesives and sealants and anticorrosive. Mascherpa operates in many fields, from automotive to food, from lighting to the production of wind and solar energy, from electronics to rail.

 Resintex presents the new multifunctional epoxy system AMPROTMby Gurit for boat builders in wood and composites that surpasses and replaces the Legacy range of Gurit. AMPROTM is a simple to use epoxy resin that can be used for bonding, coating, laminating and filling. With its fast curing low temperature hardener and 3: 1 volume mixing ratio, AMPROTM offers a quick and convenient way to use an epoxy system for a wide range of activities. AMPROTM competes for the Qualitec Technology award.

Mates Italiana, offers products and services for achievements in advanced composites, with more than 1500 items divided by category, production process and product sector. To better respond to new consumer trends, which require increasingly customized products and designed for every need, Mates supports top brands such as Hexcel, Chem-Trend / Zyvax, BigHead, Acralock, its own specialized line of consumables and auxiliary products of process able to complete the range offered. At the Compotec stand, in addition to the commercial technicians and engineers of the Politecnico di Milano, they will also have technicians who deal with training courses in the main production processes of advanced composites, with which they will propose solutions to problems in the composite sector.

Beside these new presences, Compotec 2019 is attended by three innovative startups that operate in the field of composites.

9T Labs proposes Carbonkit, a tool to make carbon fiber composite materials more accessible through 3D printing. It is a filament both in carbon fiber and in PA12 thermoplastic compatible with Ultimaker and other customized gantry systems.

Superfici Lab offers 3D printing, study models, models for display, prototypes, mechanical processing, support and development in design in the nautical and industrial design sectors and scale models. It also offers consultancy for companies and design studios for modeling, research and development of new products and prototypes.

 Duerf designs new materials and new dispersion, dispensing or application technologies to offer ease of use, practicality of execution with time and money savings. Special products for mechanical, nautical, automotive, aerospace sectors with innovative systems of use that do not require instrumentation or auxiliary energy. The Duerf spray cylinder allows the formulation to be kept out of contact with the air and to spray the product in any area, even without the use of electrical devices or air compressors.

See you on April 3rd at Compotec to meet these interesting realities for the composites industry.

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