A training centre for engineers and architects in the nautical and composite materials sectors at the two specialist trade fairs organized by IMM CarraraFiere

Carrara, 20 December 2019

Once again, the 2020 editions (the 18th and 12th respectively) of Seatec, the exhibition of technology, components, design and subcontracting applied to pleasure boating, and Compotec, dedicated to the composite materials industry and their multiple applications, the only events in their sectors in Italy and southern Europe, both designed and organised by IMM_CarraraFiere, will be staging the Seatec Compotec Academy: a training opportunity aimed at professionals in the yachting sector and experts in the field of composites who need Professional Training Credits (CFP).
Seatec and Compotec have always been part of the nautical and composites supply chain as professional meeting places between supply and demand, offering a conference programme rich in high-tech content aimed at analysing the new dynamics of the respective markets and conceived as an ideal continuation of the paths taken by universities with departments and schools relating to naval and nautical engineering, naval architecture and the numerous fields of application of composites. Among these, the universities of Bologna, Genoa, La Spezia, Naples and Trieste.
Indeed, the training programme carried out by the Seatec Compotec Academy is of significant value in terms of in-depth study, professional updating, scientific learning, improvement of professional background for all those involved in the sectors to which these events are dedicated, and at the same time it fulfils its role of liaison between technical culture and the world of production and the supply chain of suppliers in the various sectors.
The 2020 programme includes the Sustainability Day on 5 February, a workshop starting at 11:30 that will address the complex topic of sustainability both of the product and of the production processes and the materials used from various perspectives. The conference will look at the prospects for the growing respect for the environment, focusing on the current situation as well as trends, with speeches by: Rina, first promoter of the Green Class recognition, the Sanlorenzo, Rossinavi and del Pardo shipyards and Milan Polytechnic that is carrying out research with Boero for improving the impact of antifouling. Atena Lombardia will be analysing the reduction of polluting emissions in pleasure boating with contributions from the main motor manufacturers.
The highly anticipated conference will be held on Thursday 6 February, co organised with the prestigious Superyacht Times team that will be analysing the situation on the refit market, looking at the reasons that lead to a choice between refit and new construction, with case histories by NCA Refit and Seven Stars Marina & Shipyard as well as some foreign shipyards currently being set up.
The conference organised by Nautica magazine and Insean’s engineer Andrea Mancini on dynamic and static stabilisation on board will follow, with the participation of well-known manufacturers of stabilisation systems.

To conclude, the conference on the marketing of supply companies. The importance of communication and promotion in this area, indispensable tools for positioning products on the market effectively, has received little attention up to now. For this reason, the organisers consider it a topic of primary importance and seek to investigate it through the practice of primary companies producing very different products, as examples of incisive and successful actions. The conference, moderated by Fabio Petrone of Pressmare, sees the participation of the case histories of Gianneschi Pumps and Blowers, Team Italia, Model Maker and a testimony of best practice from The Italian Sea Group.

Again on Thursday 6 February, another issue relating to Compotec, the AICO (Italian Builders Association) seminar by Professor Angelo Di Tommaso of the University of Bologna will be held entitled “Composites and Related Technologies in Civil Engineering and Architecture”, which will take stock of the Safety of Infrastructures, Protection of Architectural Heritage, Urban Regeneration, School Safety, Antiseismic regulations in Production facilities, using composite materials and pultruded materials, with contributions by Professor Di Tommaso himself and IUAV professors, the Faculty of Architecture of Venice. This conference has already obtained recognition for the issue of Professional Training Credits by the Association of Architects of Massa Carrara.
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