Tecno Freccia

Innovative automatic cutting system Conveyor type for Single Ply and lays up to 2.5cm compressed height.

One machine, multiple functions: Versatile — Accurate — Efficient

Tecno Freccia  is the ideal solution from small to large productions able to cut: PVC, Fibreglass, Carbon Fibre, Medical rays protection fibres, Laminated Fabrics, Foam, Wadding, Rubber, Wall and Pipe Insulation, Polyurethane Fibre, Nylon, Kevlar.

Ideal for following industries: Building construction, Automotive, Boating, Aeronautical, Furniture, Leisure Accessories, Defence, Protective Clothing.

“EVO CUT”: the simple and intuitive software makes all cutting parameters setting fast and safe.

The compact and refined styling makes it perfect for any work environment.

To complete all the characteristics that make Tecno Freccia  unique, there is the remote technical assistance, via Web, that ensures just in time total and constant support, thus allowing working in complete peace of mind.

Tecno Freccia_ENG